Our Home:

Our home is on a beautiful and quiet street on Long Island, New York. We live in a cute Cape style home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a finished basement with a playroom! Our backyard was recently renovated with a beautiful stone patio and deck. We now get to take advantage of the sun and our solar panels. We are close to the bay and a quick boat ride to the picturesque ocean waters. We spend most of our time in the summer months on our boat enjoying serene sunsets, almost like we are on mini-vacations. 

The first year we were married, we bought our home and our first dog, Titan joined the family. He was a sweet boy, and feisty so his name suited him well. Unfortunately, we did not have him for too long, he only lived a year and a half and we were devastated when he passed away. We brought our next dog home that same weekend, we were so sad we felt that was the best thing to do. We named our new puppy after our favorite character on Seinfeld - Cosmo Kramer. After a little spelling mishap, the name Kozmo was born! Kozmo brought us nothing but joy, happiness, and love for 11 1/2 years. He recently passed away - he was our “gentle giant” and we will miss him every day. Children receive traits and mannerisms from both parents; well this is true for pets as well. Kozmo was the perfect blend of both of us. Calm, caring, protective, lovable, loyal and just a pleasure! This was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Kozmo was the perfect addition to our family and he would have loved and protected a new baby.


What Our Friends Say:

Lorraine’s friends Cathy, Melissa and Debbie describe her as loving, loyal, generous and selfless. 

Danny’s friends Billy, Joe and Scott describe him as loyal, fun and kind. Danny is the life of the party - he loves to make us laugh! 

Lorraine and Danny have a love for each other that is widely known and respected amongst all their family and friends. They are both “big kids” and they both love to spend time with and teach all the kids that touch their lives. They have a positive attitude on life that makes for a great foundation to starting their family.