Danny and I met 17 years ago on a rainy autumn night. He was everything I always dreamed my husband would be. He had a good head on his shoulders, a great job, family values, funny and an old soul all wrapped into one. He called the next day and the rest is history! We were married on a boat on a serene autumn evening in front of our family and friends overlooking a beautiful sunset.

We are a perfect combination of yin and yang. We balance each other out and cherish the commitment we’ve made to love and support one another. Our relationship is built on the values we grew up with - honesty, respect, trust, lots of love, support and laughter.

Family is very important to us and we love welcoming them into our home, on our boat, and on vacations. The child that blesses our life will have an extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and our dear friends (who we consider family as well) to love and care for them.

About Lorraine – I am 1 of 3 children and 1 of 13 grandchildren. Growing up I had grandparents that lived next door and an aunt, uncle and cousins that lived down the block. I had a wonderful childhood with such a close sense of family. Every childhood memory I have is filled with lots of love, caring and laughter. My parents and siblings always supported me throughout my childhood, college years and career choices. To this day my mom is my best friend. She is still the one person I call to tell what is going on in my life and she will stop everything to listen no matter what. There are no words to describe her but “simply the best”. My family and husband are my rock and the bond we all have is something every child should experience. I have learned exactly what a mom should be and I can’t wait to become one.

About Danny - Writing about yourself is not easy, but if I had to sum it up I would say that I am fortunate. I am fortunate to have grown up with parents and an extended family that loved to spend time together, whether for holidays or “just because”.  I’m fortunate to have two great brothers. My childhood memories are filled with the joys of a great family. I grew up very close with my older brother Nick and he was a great influence on my life, teaching me a lot. I loved being able to apply those lessons in my relationship to my younger brother John and help him play sports, ride a bike or just hang out like my older brother always did with me. My parents instilled strong values in me, like being a hard worker and to go after whatever it is life has to offer. My father was a great dad and was always there for me, no matter the time or circumstance. From watching me play baseball, reviewing my homework, teaching me right from wrong, to just being my friend…he is my inspiration. What I have learned from my father will shape how I love, teach and support my future child.

Danny about Lorraine - Lorraine is a person who is always there for me. I love that she is always nurturing and loving, and is a solid partner. Lorraine loves to take care of people and make sure they are happy and content. She is calm, cool and collected, and has a fantastic smile! She is an excellent cook and keeps a clean and organized home. Lorraine is a good listener and gives good advice, qualities that would make her a wonderful and devoted mom. We’ve had our dog for 11 years and she still gets him a birthday cake, snacks and a hat to make sure he feels special and loved! She is the warmest, kindest, and most loving person I know. Her thoughtfulness for everyone around her shines through!

Lorraine about Danny - Danny is the most generous, kind-hearted person you will ever meet. He is funny (actually hilarious) and loves to make everyone laugh. Danny is always willing to offer his help to family and friends no matter what they might need. Danny is so smart, we call him “Danny Wikepedia! What attracted me the most to Danny, was not only his good looks and beautiful blue eyes, but how mature, kind, respectful, funny and well-educated he was. He’s truly the best man I have ever met! Danny has a love for life that is infectious and he has always cared for me from day one. Kozmo (our dog) and I are very lucky to have him as our family. Watching him with all of our nieces and nephews shows his care, love, warmth and comedic nature. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be the best dad ever. All of his traits and hobbies resemble my father and since my dad was the greatest man that I knew, that is a wonderful thing! I loved my dad so much - he was my hero. Danny took that place - my knight in shining armor!

Lorraine’s Favorite Quote - “We are only given one life on earth - make it count - it is a blessing from above”

Danny’s Favorite Quote - “When you seek happiness for yourself, it always seems to elude you.  When you seek happiness for others, you will always find it in yourself”