Cruise to Puerto Rico

Hoping To Complete Our Family Through Adoption

We are Lorraine and Danny, a loving couple with a happy home who would love for you to continue reading as we give you a look into our lives.  We both had wonderful childhoods, growing up in loving homes with strong family bonds.  Our goal has always been to start a family and continue that tradition.  Our journey to becoming parents has not been easy, but there is a silver lining to every adversity.  For us, our struggles have brought us even closer in our marriage and strengthened us in a way that will help us be better parents.  We are fully committed to each other and to becoming the best parents possible.  We understand that finding the best possible home for your baby is the most important thing to you.  We hope when you have finished reading our story you will have a sense of who we are and that we are ready to accept all the responsibilities, challenges, blessings, and wonders parenthood has to offer.

Our dream of having a family may begin with you!

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